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Brighten Up! Kathy Calahan
Music & Lyrics by Kathy Calahan
Music can deliver a message better than words alone. My intention with BRIGHTEN UP! is to be a “musical nanny”, helping kids (2 to 5) learn better behavior, expand their vocabulary, and enhance their musicality. These songs are also for the parents - who can use them as tools and enjoy the humor of it all. Hoping to brighten your homes - and our futures!

Kathy Calahan - vocals, piano, guitar, percussion, tap shoes
Ayodele Maakheru - guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele
Brian Woodruff - drums
Clyde Bullard - bass guitar
Kathy Calahan
“This music can take any tough moment with kids and turn it into heavenly fun! The songs address all kinds of topics that challenge both kids and their parents. It teaches us all about overcoming these challenges while making us all want to sing and dance at the same time. 'Brighten Up!' is a real example of the saying that 'music calms the savage beast.”
Lili Miloszewicz - mother of two

Recorded by Chip Fabrizi at P.P.I Recording Studios
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