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In my classes, I take the time to break down and explain tap steps and technique to make sure every student gets a solid foundation. However, I quickly move to more advanced brain teasers and combinations to put what we know to practice. All of this happens under the joyous support of live piano accompaniment. This takes the art of tap dancing to a whole new level of music-making! The classes are generally small, so everyone receives attention and often gets the chance to hear their own sounds. The level is Advanced/Beginner, but I find that Beginners tend to catch up quickly and Intermediate and Advanced tappers find the review helpful and the live music irresistible!

I consider my feet a musical instrument. When I approach a step I like to first hear how it “sings” -- where the phrasing is -- the arc of the melody. And of course it must be counted out precisely, so that one can hear where the “silences” are that shape each sound with great intention. Someone once said to me, “I don’t think a person could tap dance and not be happy.” I agree. In my classes, we dance with our whole bodies, sweat away the stresses of the day, and laugh at the fun of it all.
“Kathy Calahan is one of the most inspiring teachers I know. She is patient, professional, and most importantly, a whole lot of fun. I couldn't recommend her more highly.”
- Andrew Byrne

“Kathy has improved my technique so much that I feel totally confident in any tap audition. She’s helped me improve not only my tap technique but my approach to any dance movement.”
- Juliet Ewing-Kwan

“As a teacher, Kathy is that rare combination of focused and laid back that makes learning both productive and fun all at the same time!”
- Marsha Mercant

“Kathy is a highly skilled tap dancer and teacher. Her detailed musicality and strong technique make her an excellent teacher for both beginners and advanced tappers that want to hone their craft. I love her class!”
- Jessica Northrup

“I rate Kathy not only two thumbs up, but ten toes as well!”
- Bob Freschi

“Kathy Calahan’s class is a wonderful combination of learning and fun. She is precise and has an excellent ear. She has a clear way of explaining individual steps and combinations and gives suggestions to correct tapping ‘issues’ in a gentle and encouraging way so one becomes a better, cleaner tapper. The atmosphere she engenders is upbeat, warm, and friendly. Her combinations are challenging, but not discouragingly so. Kathy has a keen sense of how far to push her students within the range of their abilities, and even beginners find they are doing impressive-looking choreography. I highly recommend her!”
- Stacey Scotte
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